Fitness For Fun


Fitness for Fun is an organisation focused on bringing fun, joy and exercise to children or all ages and they needed a website that would reflect this.



The new Fitness For Fun website represented the brand by delivering a light-hearted, animated experience that pushed content and galleries to the fore. Brand imagery and colours became the framework upon which the overall experience was built, the website itself provided Fitness For Fun a focal point to which they could point all their marketing material.

Brand elements such as the stars and dots were interspersed with colour and imagery taken during classes giving the site a human element while enforcing the brand. The content was easily updated and a notice board was added to keep the site ‘fresh’ and allow the staff to push exist customers to the website as the first port-of-call for all the latest Fitness For Fun information.

  • Client Fitness For Fun
  • My Role Visual Designer and Creative Director

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