Singtel TV – BPL Sports Portal Concept

A dedicated Soccer hub within the Singtel TV app delivering a BPL experience to be remembered


Design an immersive and comprehensive BPL sporting experience within the existing Singtel TV apps that delivered News, Video and stats to its sports mad fans.


Knowledge of the target audience was essential to this project and the outcome benefitted greatly because of this understanding. The design was built around a dashboard concept as a hub for each game, utilizing streaming video, statistical information and live game events to create an immersive experience. The dashboard itself was themed with the colours and emblems from the respective teams creating a unique game experience enforcing the adversarial nature of the sport.

The game dashboards were designed to display differing content depending on whether game was in pre, live or post match mode. Pre-Match mode allowed for game reminders to be set, squad information and team related news content to be displayed in the lead up to a match starting. Live matches exploded with live streaming video and live statistical and game event content to be displayed while the game was in progress. While the post match view delivered news, match replays and video highlights once the game has finished. This was then combined with comprehensive news, video, team and statistical pages allowing the portal to stay relevant more than just when live games were on.

The visual design of the portal focused on simplifying the navigation and game day pages with the chrome for the overall portal being reduced so that the teams and team colours could be the focus, thus providing the client the colour, excitement and competitiveness of BPL soccer.

  • Client Singtel
  • My Role Senior Visual Designer and Interaction Designer

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