Tyro Merchant Portal

Tyro Merchant Portal


The Tyro Merchant Portal allows merchants to monitor their daily transactions, run reports and update their Tyro services.


The Tyro Merchant Portal was in desperate need of an update, both visually and structurally. The project involved interviewing merchants to understand how they used the portal and what they needed from it, I then worked to rationalise the navigational structure and information hierarchy adding order to the content.

Based upon the original findings, the portal was redesigned and restructured to produce an improved merchant experience, I built and tested prototypes with more merchants to confirm the original results and make sure the redesign met their needs. With minor alterations the design and structure then moved into development where I worked with both front-end and back-end developers to promote the new structure and make sure it was developed correctly.

The new Merchant Portal was recently launched with improved customer engagement and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

  • Client Tyro
  • My Role Product Designer and Visual Designer

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