Klink Website


With the impending release of the Klink cloud storage product from Optus a marketing website was designed to explain the product, drive engagement and ultimately increase user registrations and app downloads.


The marketing website was part of a larger marking push that strived to enforce the brand and provide a professional, yet friendly interface for the user to engage with. The appearance and navigation of the site was designed to be open and friendly while also giving new users the feeling of trust in the services provided. The site also doubled as the FAQ and Help area for the applications and, once logged in, existing customers were able to access forums and feedback, as well as, update their personal information.

As the Senior Designer for this project I worked with UX and business teams to design a website that contained all the information listed above but displayed it in an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-digest format. With the Klink product itself being designed upon the pillars of simplicity and customer focus the marketing website needed to also reflect these principles, otherwise all momentum is lost even before the message can be communicated. The website itself was designed around a white canvas, like the apps with the brand colours helping to define the how content and messages were highlighted and focused.

  • Client Optus
  • My Role Senior Visual Designer

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