Newsloop is Singapore’s premier news aggregation app across device and as it launches into new markets around the world a total rethink of the visual and interaction layer was needed to allow it to compete on the world stage.


The Newsloop application was evolved from a dark, skeuomorphic, cluttered layout into a bright, clear, content focus design that improved readability and engagement. The introduction of bright section colours, larger images and fonts together with a crisp, open layout modernised the app ahead of it’s international releases.

I worked closely with the client to kick off the redesign process with high level conceptual work, peaking their interest with concepts that showed a possible future of the app. The team then worked to lock down requirements both from a business perspective, based on their release roadmap and the customer view garnered from feedback, surveys and analytics. This then became the basis for the new visual and functional direction that Newsloop was to take. My role was as a Senior Visual Designer leading the design direction and providing a full set of artwork covering iPad, iPhone and Smartphone, together with styleguides and documentation. However, I also provided input for the interaction work that was completed and, once the artwork was delivered, worked closely with the development teams to define transitions and make sure the design vision was implemented correctly

  • Client Singtel
  • My Role Senior Visual Designer

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