Tyro App


The Tyro app helps Merchants simplify their business banking needs no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Merchants can pay bills with one click, view EFTPOS takings throughout the day, check your daily deposits, get real-time billing alerts, transfer money, and review all transactions in one secure spot.


I worked as part of talented team of product designers to take the Tyro App from a bare-bones beta release into a fully featured banking app open to the general public. The initial phases of the project  revolved around understanding the needs of our merchant customers, then feeding that information back into the road map for the App. I worked to interview merchants, gather insights and build and test prototypes, again with merchants, to evolve the App into a product that our Merchants actually wanted and would use.

With a framework developed around the new structure for the app it was then my task to develop a visual language that would take the existing TYRO brand and evolve it into a mature, trustworthy and professional skin for current and future features. This again involved working with Merchants to understand their expectations from Tyro, the brand and the app, as well as, working with Business and Marketing teams to ensure that any evolution of the brand, it’s styles and colours were understood and inline with the underlying direction of the company itself.

From there I developed a detailed style guide governing visual styles across both iOS and Android operating systems. From there I informed and trained the other Product Designers in the new styles and created Sketch templates to speed up prototyping. I then embedded within numerous development teams to ensure visual consistency across new and existing features.

  • Client Tyro
  • My Role Product Designer, Digital Designer, UX Designer, Prototyper

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